Welcome to the Luna Park Events Blog!

Hello Everyone!

I did it! I finally did it!

I have my blog up and working! I will be posting on here from time to time all kinds of ideas and the talks I had with other event planners on what is going on with events today etc…, on the tab called “What can and should be done….tips”.

On the tab “Local Love”, I will be sending shout-outs to events, vendors, restaurants, bars, and anything that is making Austin one of the coolest places to live in!

You can find out what Luna Park Events is doing by clicking on the tab called “Luna Park News”

With the tab called “Inspirations from the Park” you can see where I am drawing some of my ideas from…. for some of my upcoming events. This tab is tied into the Luna Park Events Pintrest page.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say and the ideas I am putting out there to maybe help you with your next event whether it be for a wedding, corporate event, dinner party, or just about anything event related.

So what are you waiting for…… go subscribe to the all new Luna Park Events Blog!

I look forward to talking with you all soon!

Richard W