Eleven Eleven: An Evening of Extraordinary Fashion: A Benefit for Hospice Austin’s Pet Peace of Mind Program


11-11 banner_small Luna Park Events is proud to be a sponsor of the Eleven Eleven: An Evening of Extraordinary Fashion: A Benefit for Hospice Austin’s Pet Peace of Mind Program.   Celebrate the long awaited return of Made in Heaven by Stephen MacMillan Moser, Style Avatar of the Austin Chronicle, showing his Made in Heaven Fall/Winter 2012-13 Collection.   Please buy tickets for this wonderful event that will benefit Austin’s Pet Peace of Mind Program. This groundbreaking national program enables hospice patients to keep their pets at home with them throughout their end of life journey.   Pet Peace of Mind provides helping hands and financial assistance so that caring volunteers are able to help patients with pet care needs.

Easy on that pour!

Ok just finished talking with an event planner friend of mine that said she just finished going to an event and they ran out of alcohol! All I can say is WHY????
Now granted not all of us went to school to learn the do’s and the don’ts of “Putting on an event 101” but there are some common sense rules we can all take with us whether we are putting on a corporate event, special event, or having a gathering
for their friends.
1. If you are doing an event for a certain period of time and want to have your wine or mixed drinks go a long way there is one simple thing you can do……. Control the size of your glass! If you want your drinks to last through out your event / party buy or rent smaller glasses. For instance rent /buy a 9 oz High Ball or smaller instead of a 14 oz Double Old Fashion. Trust me it makes a difference and I did have to make the drinks last with working with non-profit fundraisers.
2. If you have bartenders or mixologists at your event/ party make sure and have that conversation with them about being easy on the pour so that the alcohol will last through out your event / party.
3. Add more ice! When you have that conversation with your bartenders or mixologists for your event ask them to add more ice to add longevity to your alcoholic drinks.

There you go folks three things you can do to help make the drinks last throughout your event and not have your guest be too tipsy ,so that the event is enjoyable on all levels.

Richard L. Williams II is the owner of Luna Park Events and has taught as an adjunct teacher for two semesters of the accredited class of Special Event Design at Austin Community College in the School of Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts, Travel and Tourism and Meeting & Event Planning.