Wedding of Rosina Castellanos and Wim Puttemans at Laguna Gloria Photos

Hello Friends,

Luna Park Events is pleased to have produced the wedding of Rosina Castellanos and Wim Puttemans that was backed by the beautiful Laguna Gloria. Photos are up on the Luna Park Events website and we have to send an amazing shout out again to Michael Mallard from Mallardshots Photography for all of the amazing pictures from this wedding.

In this blog I have posted a few pictures so that you can see his incredible work! As always thank you to the wonderful  Rosina Castellanos and Wim Puttemans for letting Luna Park Events help produce their beautiful weddingg! Many happy returns to you both and you both are a beautiful couple and wonderful people! We here at Luna Park Events were pleased to work with the following vendors: Michael Mallard from Mallardshots Photography, Pascal’s Catering, Aztec Rentals, Miscellaneous Rentals, Photo House Films and Mark Miller from STRAT KAT DJ. All of you were amazing and a pleasure to work with.

Rosina & Wim 438 Rosina & Wim 399 Rosina & Wim 395 Rosina & Wim 369 Rosina & Wim 293 Rosina & Wim 97 Rosina & Wim(wyatt) 70 Rosina & Wim(wyatt) 74 Rosina & Wim 98 Rosina & Wim(wyatt) 117 Rosina & Wim 150 Rosina & Wim(wyatt) 119 Rosina & Wim(wyatt) 120 Rosina & Wim 152 Rosina & Wim(wyatt) 196 Rosina & Wim(wyatt) 122

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